Will Sudan Become the Fifth Arab League State to Normalise Ties With Israel?

The US is reportedly pushing Sudan to normalise ties with Israel: the chances the African country would become the next to conclude a peace pact with the Jewish state after the UAE and Bahrain are high, according to political researcher Mohammad Fawzi, who has weighed up the potential consequences of the move.

Citing as yet unconfirmed reports, The Times of israel revealed last Friday that on 14 October Washington had given Sudanese leaders a 24-hour deadline to decide whether they agree to a deal with the Jewish state “in exchange for financial aid and removal from a US blacklist of state sponsors of terror”.

By August 2020 the Trump administration reached an agreement with Sudan’s new transitional government, which came to power after the August 2019 coup d’etat, that the country would be removed from the terror list after meeting a set of conditions including the deposition of $335 million in an escrow account for the families of US victims of terrorist attacks in 1998 and 2000. The country was designated a state sponsor of terror in 1993 “for supporting international terrorist groups, including the Abu Nidal Organization, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Hezbollah”.

‘An Offer Which is Hard to Refuse’

It emerged later that Washington offered Khartoum to establish formal diplomatic ties between Sudan and israel as part of the deal also envisaging the provision of $300 million in economic aid and $3 billion in debt relief and investments to Sudan, according to The…

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