Army draft policy for rehab of local militants pending with govt, says senior Army officer

Written by Krishn Kaushik
| New Delhi |

October 17, 2020 1:55:11 am

Indian army soldiers stand guard inside their army base. (Reuters/File)

The Army has prepared a policy for rehabilitation of Kashmiri youth who had joined militancy but are willing to surrender. It is part of the Army’s focus on surrender of local militants, but it is yet to receive the final word on the draft policy, which has been submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Speaking to some journalists, XV Corps Commander Lt General B S Raju Friday said “the policy has been made, it has been sent, it has gone up the chain” but “it has not yet come back”.

“The message I have given to the population is irrespective of the policy existing or not existing, we are ready to go on board and we will do what is appropriate. If the policy comes in, it will give us more strength in offering that as a viable option,” he said.

Raju said “there is already one policy in place” for people “who had gone across to Pakistan” and were allowed to come back. But the proposed policy, he said, “is for people who have taken up arms within the valley”. Raju said he was hopeful that “it will make some difference”.

He said “it (policy) has to be approved by the Home Ministry” and “is between the Defence and Home…

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