‘They Don’t Seem to Be Attracted’: Swedish Armed Forces Fail to Recruit Enough Women

The Swedish Armed Forces have in recent years been betting on diversity, inclusivity, and equality, embracing mottos like “Our strength consists of differences”, “Come as you are”, and “We don’t always march straight”. Increasing the share of women is seen as another important milestone in “breaking up the male monopoly”.

Despite numerous initiatives including costly ads and awareness-raising campaigns, the Swedish Armed Forces have failed to meet this year’s goal of having at least 20 percent of its conscripts be women.

While some units in the Air Force and the Navy have effectively met the target, the Armed Forces in general is lagging behind.

Despite the announced goals of making the army gender equal, the pace of change is rather sluggish, as men generally tend to be more interested in taking up a military career – which the Swedish Armed Forces regard as a problem.

“If we fail to get access to the 100 percent of the population that we possibly could, we risk losing competence. They do not seem to be attracted as much by the army and we think this is due to a slightly incorrect picture of what reality looks like”, Jenny Ström, commander and the head of the Armed Forces’ recruitment section, told Swedish Radio.

The long-term goal of the Swedish Armed Forces is for women to constitute at least 30 percent of conscripts by 2025. To meet it in the current circumstances, the military is considering changing enlistment requirements, Swedish Radio reported. The military is…

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