Pentagon Drafting Plans to Withdraw US Troops From Somalia – Reports


According to insider reports, US President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon and his senior national security advisers to begin drafting plans for a total withdrawal of US forces from Somalia. The US has between 650 and 800 troops in the war-torn East African nation, where it has waged an undeclared war since 2007.

“People familiar with the matter” told Bloomberg on Tuesday that the Pentagon had begun drafting plans to pull all US troops out of Somalia.

In March 2017, Trump declared Somalia an “area of active hostilities,” signaling an increase in tempo that soon saw more than 600 US troops dispatched to the area. Now, however, it seems Trump may be considering bringing them home, just his latest attempt to deliver on a 2016 campaign promise to end the “era of endless wars” before he stands for reelection in November.

Trump and his advisers being on the same page is not always something that can be taken for granted, as the recent disparate estimates about the US’ withdrawal from Afghanistan have shown. 

Last Wednesday, O’Brien said the US would have just 2,500 troops in the Central Asian nation by early 2021, with the goal of bringing all US troops home by May 2021. However, just hours later, Trump tweeted that in fact, all US troops would come home from Afghanistan by Christmas 2020.

Future for Drone War Unclear

Even if all US troops leave Somalia, that does not mean an end to the undeclared drone war the US has waged…

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