Kurds Refuse to Let Sweden Take in Daesh Women for Fear They Will Go Unpunished

The Scandinavian country is notoriously lax towards its dozens of Daesh* returnees, as almost none of them has faced prosecution for crimes committed in the Middle East. Meanwhile, reports of jihadists receiving cash benefits and medical help while enrolling in various de-radicalisation and rehabilitation programmes have emerged.

Kurdish authorities in Rojava, the de-facto autonomous administration of North and East Syria, have refused to release Swedish Daesh* women from their camps for fear that they will circumvent prosecution in their home countries, Swedish Radio reported.

While it has been one and a half years since the fall of the so-called Daesh “caliphate”, many of the former “Daesh brides”, who had children with one or more terrorist spouses, continue to live in internment camps in northern Syria. However, even if Sweden were theoretically ready to accept them, this remains an unlikely prospect due to the stance of the Kurdish authorities.

While the Kurdish authorities previously were anxious about the countries involved, including Sweden, France and Germany, taking back their respective jihadists, now, in a remarkable change of tune, they are seeking international help prosecuting the women on the spot and de-radicalising the children by placing them in special centres and schools on location. This is due to fears that countries known for their lenience, like Sweden and Finland, will be unable to bring them to justice by putting them on trial….

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