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    How the Gas-Rich & Geostrategically Important Eastern Mediterranean Has Turned Into a ‘Powder Keg’


    Oruç Reis's dispatch to waters claimed by Athens, Ankara and Nicosia last month came in response to the 6 August Greek-Egyptian agreement demarcating exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the Eastern Mediterranean between the two powers. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis hailed the accords, adding that they had brought to naught the November 2019 memorandum of understanding between and Tripoli which delineated the sea in the interests of Ankara and the Government of National Accord ().

    However, the Turkish Foreign Ministry dismissed the Greco-Egyptian agreement as “null and void”, insisting that it violates the maritime rights of both Turkey and Tripoli: “The supposedly-delimited area lies within the Turkish continental shelf, as declared to the United ,” the statement said.

    East Med Offshore Gas Bonanza

    The Eastern Mediterranean geostrategic region is fraught with risks for the future of international peace and security, deems Egyptian political researcher and member of the Mediterranean Youth Foundation Mohammad Fawzi.

    Although the region's substantial hydrocarbon reserves present many opportunities and mechanisms for cooperation between the countries of the region, they have at the same time become an apple of discord between competing nations, according to Fawzi.

    Thus, in 2010, discovered a Leviathan gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Jewish state. For its part, the Cypriot government claimed the rights to the…

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