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    White House Always Wins? Poland, Other Allies to Pay for All Expenses of US Troop Deployment


    After deciding to withdraw 9,500 troops from in June 2020, has been mulling redeploying some of its forces to Poland, which, in turn, has long been requesting more US personnel to be stationed there. Warsaw is even ready to bear all the underlying costs of accommodating more US soldiers at a newly built .

    Poland's long-cherished dream of increasing the number of US soldiers deployed in the country finally saw a glimmer of hope in mid-August, when Warsaw and Washington struck a deal on new deployments. However, not everything went as Poland had planned, as instead of deploying new forces at a base that was supposed to be named Fort Trump, the Pentagon decided to spread out troops across the country, meaning that Warsaw will have to build or renovate several bases, along with ensuring that they have proper infrastructure.

    According to Newsweek Poland, in the community of Powidz alone the Pentagon wants to have 31 warehouses for ammunition and a six-million-litre-capacity fuel depot built for its troops. In addition, Warsaw will have to build barracks, workshops, canteens, and numerous hangars to accommodate soldiers and vehicles. While Poland has eagerly praised the US decision to deploy additional troops, it has rarely delved into the details of how much the country will pay to host them.

    Washington's New Policy

    Under the provisions of the August agreement, Poland will not only be responsible for building and…

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