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    Tory Rebellion Reportedly Looming Amid Common Rage About New Anti-COVID Rules


    Boris Johnson's late-evening coronavirus curfew for pubs and eateries, as well as a limit on people gathering in public spots, have long landed in many's crosshairs, as people were shown jamming the streets after the curfew hour, storming public transport, and other similar activities.

    Rebel Conservatives, who last week managed to the government to hand MPs a vote on future national lockdowns before they take effect, said that they could muster the necessary 43 Tory MPs to vote along the same lines as Labour to overturn the anti-coronavirus measures introduced in late September – namely 10 p.m. curfews and a ban on over six-strong gatherings, The Telegraph reported.

    “My sense is that a material number of MPs might vote against the 10 p.m.”, a source told the British edition, with another asserting that even if Labour backtracks, the Conservative MPs will persist in their effort:

    Agreeing with the scenario, Steve Baker, the former Brexit minister who last week acted as an unofficial whip for Tory rebels, indicated that “very few members of Parliament have constituencies which will bear voting against every infringement of liberty”. He also acknowledged there is a “growing consensus” that neither measure, the 10 p.m. curfew nor including children in the “rule of six” – is well-evidenced, adding he expects quite a few MPs to take aim at them.

    Sir Graham Brady, who is reportedly among those set to rebel…

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