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    Denmark Seeks to Protect Faroe Islands From ‘Russian Threat’ With NATO Radar, Free EU Trade


    According to the Danish party Venstre, the Faroe Islands should be freed from “dependence on ” by concluding a free trade agreement with the EU on, among other things, the export of salmon which makes up about 50 percent of the archipelago's total exports.

    The Danish liberal-conservative party Venstre and the ruling Faroese Unionist Party have argued that the Faroe Islands are being increasingly squeezed in terms of security policy. To solidify the tiny archipelago's stance, they propose setting up a radar under the auspices of and a free trade zone with the EU.

    The two parties named Russia and as the main threats to the archipelago.

    “In recent years, we have seen an escalation of Russian flights in the North Atlantic. The Russian flights test NATO's preparedness and have repeatedly violated the airspace of the Commonwealth. Therefore, we have to react to the increased volume of Russian flights and make sure that we have the right opportunities to monitor the airspace”, Liberal Party foreign policy spokesman Michael Aastrup Jensen told the newspaper Berlingske.

    According to him, the radar, which will function under NATO's auspices and will “plug” possible holes in the archipelago's airspace, won't stand alone.

    Therefore, Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod of the ruling Social Democrats has been urged to speed up the work on a free trade agreement with the EU – the idea being to avoid Russia, a chief importer, hitting the Faroe Islands with a trade…

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