Taiwan ‘to Issue Wish List of Weapons From the US’ Amid Rising Tensions With Beijing

Tensions between the People’s Republic of China and the government of the self-declared Republic of China in Taipei have escalated in recent years: the United States’ support for Taiwan has included repeated arms sales to the island which has led to criticism from Beijing.

Officials and experts from the US and Taiwan will convene in a virtual conference on Monday to discuss what weapons would be most effective in defending the island as tensions escalate with Beijing.

During the 2020 US-Taiwan Defence Industry Conference, Taiwan’s deputy defence minister Chang Guan-Chung is expected to provide a run-down to the US of what weaponry the island considers urgently necessary for its security.

According to S-Taiwan Business Council, who hosts the conference, the topics being discussed at the meeting include the “US defence cooperation with Taiwan, the defence procurement process and Taiwan’s defence and national security needs”. The council added that they hoped to “provide opportunities to connect with others working on Taiwan defence and national security issues”.

The council has hosted the event in the US every year since 2002. However, amid social-distancing measures, the business council will hold a smaller two-day conference online, with speakers and key events scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, according to its website.

Taipei considers the semi-official military exchange event traditionally to be extremely important, traditionally using the occasion to pass…

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