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    NATO Urges Turkey to Get Rid of S-400s, Says They Could ‘Pose a Risk to Allied Aircraft’


    In July, US lawmakers again threatened to slap sanctions on Ankara over its 2017 move to buy the S-400 defence system from Russia. 's purchase has already led to Ankara's expulsion from the F-35 programme.

    The North Atlantic Alliance would like Turkey to find alternatives to its S-400s, with the systems said to carry with them risks to alliance aircraft and the danger of new sanctions from Washington, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has announced.

    “The system could pose a risk to allied aircraft and could lead to US sanctions,” the official said, adding that the S-400 cannot be integrated into NATO's air defence standards.

    Responding to Stoltenberg, Cavusoglu recalled that Washington effectively forced Ankara to buy the Russian air defence systems, since Turkey “could not acquire American Patriot air defence systems or other similar systems for its defence.”

    Turkey and Russia signed a $2.5 billion loan agreement for the delivery of S-400s to Ankara in December 2017. Turkey received its first batch of the air defence systems in July 2019. By 2020, four battalions consisting of 36 launchers, the accompanying radar and 192+ missiles had been delivered. In August 2020, Russian officials confirmed that and Ankara were at an ‘advanced stage' of talks for the delivery of another batch of S-400s to Turkey.

    Praise From NATO

    In a statement put out by the alliance following Stoltenberg's meeting with Cavusoglu, they alliance reported…

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