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    Israel ‘Prepping for Escalation’ With Gaza as Hamas and Netanyahu Busy Handling COVID-19


    Neither nor Hamas are interested in a war, says a -based expert, stressing that the situation might still spiral out of control, given the deteriorating economic conditions of the Strip.

    The southern command of the israel Defence Forces is reportedly prepping for the possibility of yet another round of escalation with Hamas, an Islamic group that controls the Gaza Strip.

    According to Israeli media, the confrontation might take place in October, just weeks after the and Hamas reached an agreement stipulating that the Islamic group would stop the launch of its incendiary balloons into the Jewish state in exchange for a number of concessions.

    Unlikely Scenario?

    But Adnan Abu Amer, a Gaza-based political analyst, who has been monitoring the situation closely, says neither Hamas nor Israel are ready for such a confrontation, simply because it would bring zero benefits to the two rivals.

    For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is currently fighting the raging coronavirus that has already claimed the lives of more than 1,500 Israelis, a war with Gaza would be problematic and could translate into a further drop in his ratings which have seen a decline in the past couple of weeks.

    Anti-Netanyahu protests, taking place despite the pandemic, could be a deterring factor too, especially given that they could push more people onto the streets across Israel, demanding the government provide a just solution to the Palestinian issue, a phenomenon the Jewish state has…

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