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    If US Presidential Candidate is Incapable of Taking Part in November Vote, What Happens Next?


    Less than five weeks before the US presidential vote, Donald Trump, who is striving for re-election, has contracted coronavirus, sparking a wave of speculations about what will happen in the November poll if he is unable to carry on with his presidential campaign – or if something similar happens to his 77-year-old opponent.

    Speaking from Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday, US President Donald Trump underlined that he feels “much better” after beginning his anti--19 treatment and is “looking forward to finishing up” his presidential campaign.

    While the White House maintains that the president is doing “very well” and is not planning to lay down his re-election ambitions, his illness has sparked debates about the future of the 3 November vote should Trump be unable to carry out his duties as a candidate.

    Trump is not the first world leader to have contracted coronavirus. The list includes British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. However, the American election system often sounds like a rocket science to many, so here is a brief explanation as to what could happen if any of the presidential candidates becomes incapacitated before or shortly after the election date.

    If Anything Happens to the Candidates Before the November Poll

    First of all, it's actually very unclear about what could be done with the votes that have already been cast – either for Trump or Biden – prior to 3 November.

    According to the…

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