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    Air Defence Axis: Russia Would Have ‘No Problem’ Delivering S-400s to Iran


    Iran's Defence Troops already operate four battalions of upgraded S-300PMU2s, including launchers plus the accompanying target detection and designation radar equipment. Furthermore, the country's domestic defence industries have created a range of first-rate air defence systems, including the Bavar 373 and the Khordad-3.

    Moscow would have “no problem” selling its S-400 air defence system to Iran, Russian Ambassador Levan Dzhagaryan has said.

    Commenting on “US threats” to try to extend the United Nations arms embargo against Tehran indefinitely, the diplomat stressed that Moscow would not be intimidated by US pressure, would make good on any commitments made, and would be willing to listen to offers from the Iranian side to buy Russian arms when the UN embargo expires on October 18.

    Dzhagaryan also recalled that immediately after the Trump administration withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, Moscow “took a strong stance against the United States and called on the deal's three European signatories to stand together with us.”

    Last month, after its attempts to extend the international arms embargo against Iran fell through at the UN, threatened to impose the “full ” of secondary sanctions against any arms producer dealing with Iran.

    S-400s for Iran?

    Iran already has experience with Russian-made equipment, including the S-300 air defence system. In August, Iranian Defence Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami

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