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    Estonia Set to Beef Up Coastal Defence Line to Be Able to ‘Plug’ Gulf of Finland


    Earlier, it was stated that Estonia's ambitious defense spending in 2021 would rise to constitute 2.29 percent of Gross Domestic Product, exceeding the membership requirement of a minimum 2 percent of .

    As part of an announced drive towards technical modernization of its and the acquisition of new types of defense capabilities, Estonia hopes to achieve the ability to “plug” the Gulf of Finland, potentially sealing off the passage of vessels to the Baltic Sea, reports Defense24.

    In line with a national defense plan seeking to enhance new capabilities, the outlet suggests that reinforcement of the “long range” coastal defense system probably means the intention to purchase ground-water defense systems, capable of hitting ships passing in the middle of the Gulf of Finland. The latter project is to be implemented with additional special funds. Other related purchases are likely to include sea mines.

    Planned investments in coastal defense, including “long-range”, are suggested as echoing a similar doctrine adopted by Estonia prior to World War II, when the state acquired coastal batteries and two submarines with the ability to place mines.

    If implemented, the ambitious plans might theoretically allow Estonia to seal off the strategically important sea area for Russian ships. 

    According to the Polish outlet, this comes as the Estonian government recently earmarked additional funding for the country's armed forces.

    The government signed off on the…

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