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    ‘We Need Israel’: Top Sudan Official Hints at Possible Looming Change in Relations with Tel Aviv


    The United Arab Emirates, and signed normalization agreements with israel in mid-September as part of the US-mediated Abraham Accords, raising questions as to which countries might follow suit.

    A senior Sudanese leader acknowledged that his country might soon forge some manner of relationship with Tel Aviv, conceding that Khartoum would stand to benefit from relations with Israel, reports The Times of Israel.

    Nevertheless, following a barrage of questions as to whether this might herald a full normalization of relations with Israel, Dagalo elaborated that was committed to its position of solidarity with the Palestinians.

    The statement by the official did not offer any specific timeframe for the mulled move.

    US ‘Pressuring' Sudan

    The remarks come against the backdrop of a drive by to pressure Sudan into normalizing ties with israel in exchange for financial aid. Furthermore, the Trump administration has suggested that the African country's removal from the US blacklist of state sponsors of terror might also hinge on the decision it takes regarding ties with Tel Aviv.

    Sudan has been struggling under crippling economic sanctions introduced when Washington placed it on its ‘State Sponsors of Terrorism' list in 1993, after al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden moved to the country.

    Talks between the US and Sudan on the lifting of Washington's state sponsor of terrorism designation have been continuing…

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