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    Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: How Can it Affect POTUS’ Reelection Campaign?


    Uncertainty looms over the future of the second debate between President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden which is scheduled for 15 October in the wake of ' positive -19 diagnosis. Some analysts have weighed in on how it will affect the ongoing race and how the Trump campaign will act under the new circumstances.

    As it is unclear for how long Trump will stay at the Walter Reed National medical facility, his hospitalization will not harm his re-election bid and chances to stay in the White House for the next four years, believes James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota.

    According to Fetzer, the timing for Trump's contraction with the disease could be “most interesting”, just a month before the November poll and two weeks prior to the next debate with former vice president Joe Biden, and he suggests that “criticism of the President will be muted and sympathy for him will climb.”

    For example, when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson got bedridden with COVID-19 in April, his popularity slightly increased, polling by YouGov recently revealed.

    However, Trump's positive test for the coronavirus can also be treated as “a blow” for his re-election campaign, says Dr. Harvey Schantz, professor of political science at State University of New , as it will allegedely “make it very hard for the Republicans to close the gap with the Democrats in the waning weeks of the campaign.”

    Trump has already been forced to cancel a…

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