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    German ‘Daesh Wife’ of Notorious Rapper-Turned -Terrorist Jailed for More Than Three Years


    It is still baffling trying to work out why thousands of Western nationals, including those who didn't profess Islam, opted to quit jobs, abandon their family and join Daesh*, the most brutal terrorist group in modern history. However, even more baffling for the countries whose inhabitants made this choice is – what to do with those who returned.

    A German-Tunisian woman was sentenced to three years and six months in jail for joining the Daesh* terrorist group. Omaima A. was also found guilty of possessing illegal firearms, neglecting her duties as a mother, and aiding and abetting slavery.

    Omaima was born in Hamburg in 1984 and she married Nader Hadra, who was acquainted with 's most prominent extremists. In 2015 Nader decided to join Daesh and travelled to . Omaima followed him, taking their three children. After Nader was killed fighting for the terrorist group, she received the so-called martyrdom compensation and later married Denis Cuspert, a German-Ghanaian rapper, who joined Daesh.
    Cuspert was one of the most prominent westerners fighting for Daesh, and frequently appeared in the group's propaganda videos including one where he was seen holding a man's severed head. He met the same fate as Nader, dying in a battle in 2018 in the Syrian Kobane.

    Omaima is said to have left him shortly after marriage and reportedly returned to Germany in 2016, where she lived a quiet life. This…

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