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    NY Times reviews IS reporting amid hoax accusation

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    The Times has been forced to scrutinise its reporting on Islamic State (IS) in a popular podcast about the terror group, after a source was charged with lying about his experience.

    Canadian Shehroze Chaudhry, 25, was arrested by police on Friday, and stands accused of hoax-terrorist activity.

    Mr Chaudhry was a key voice in the Times' Caliphate series.

    Police allege he made up his story.

    The New York Times said it will report back following the “fresh examination” of how Mr Chaudhry was characterised in the podcast episodes.

    Questions over Mr Chaudhry's tales of the Islamic State first emerged after he gave interviews to Canadian and American news outlets with contradictory information.

    The Canadian broadcaster CBC used his alleged jihadi name, Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi in a 2017 report, in which he described lashing a man with a whip as part of his duties for IS, but said he never killed anyone.

    His account prompted a debate in the House of Commons, when the opposition questioned why he was allowed to still in .

    Then, in 2018, the New York Times aired an interview with him on their podcast series Caliphate, in which Mr Chaudhry said he had executed people for IS.

    The conflicting accounts prompted CBC reporter Nazim Baksh to doubt the veracity of Mr Chaudhry's story.

    “I was shocked – wondering, ‘Did he lie to me?'” Mr Baksh said in a follow-up story in 2018.

    Mr Chaudhry was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Friday…

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