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    Tax Returns, ‘Law & Order’, COVID, and More: Trump, Biden Trade Insults in Fiery Presidential Debate


    US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden have had an intense first presidential debate in Cleveland on Tuesday.

    During the debate, Trump and Biden were constantly interrupting and sniping at each other, making it hard for moderator Chris Wallace to follow the time limits set for each speaker. He even had to raise his voice when the debaters interrupted each other or diverged from the topics they were supposed to discuss.

    Heated Debate

    Seeking to dispel rumours of his age-related sluggishness, Biden called Trump “the worst president America has ever had” and energetically attacked his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, economic crisis and racial unrest, while the incumbent defended his record.

    At one point, in trying to fend off the interruptions, Biden called Trump a “clown”. Trump, for his part, at multiple points questioned Biden's intelligence.

    The former vice president called Trump “Putin's puppy” and criticized him for failing to raise with the Russian President the issue of bounties that allegedly pays to Afghan militants for killing American soldiers. US administration officials said that they checked, but failed to find any proof of the story.

    ‘We Won Election': Trump on Right to Fulfil Supreme Court Vacancy

    During the debate, Trump insisted that the Senate can proceed with the confirmation of his Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, arguing that he has a four-year mandate and is duty-bound to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.


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