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    Ditched Ballots in Battleground States: Are GOP & Trump’s Concerns Over Mail-In Vote Justified?


    Discarded mail-in ballots found in an outside dumpster in Luzerne County of the swing state of Pennsylvania prompted deep concerns in the US Justice Department, which raised the alarm over the county elections office's practices. US academics have discussed the pros and cons of voting by mail.

    On 24 September, the sent a letter to Shelby Watchilla, the director of elections of Luzerne County Bureau of Elections, informing her about an inquiry over potential issues with mail-in voting. The document revealed that nine discarded ballots were found in the county with seven of them being cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump. Although on Friday, Luzerne County officials blamed the incident on a temporary independent contractor, investigators found more troubling practices associated with the processing of received ballots. For instance, it has been revealed “that all or nearly all envelopes received in the elections office were opened as a matter of course”, the letter revealed.

    Touching upon the issue of discarded ballots, Donald Trump, who has long cast doubt on the practice of mail-in voting, said that he is “not sure” that the presidential election would be “honest”: “We want to make sure the election is honest and I'm not sure that it can be”, he told reporters at the White House. “I don't know that it can be with this whole situation — unsolicited ballots, they are unsolicited, millions being sent to everybody.”

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