NY Postal Votes Sent Out With Wrong Names, Addresses and Confusingly Marked ‘Military Ballots’


The New York City Board of Elections blamed widespread errors found on mail-in ballots on the third-party printing firm it contracted, but insisted the problem would be fixed. But a New York City councillor warned the muddle would undermine already shaky confidence in the election.

Public trust in mail-in voting for the US presidential election has been undermined after ballots were sent out strewn with errors.

Voters, including two New York Post journalists, received ballot papers marked with incorrect names, addresses and the confusing phrase “Official Military Absentee Ballot”, whether or not they were armed forces personnel, rather than “Military/Absentee Ballot” as is customary.

“This apparent typo just has everyone confused and believing these are invalid ballots,” Van Bramer added. “It’s absolutely outrageous that when everyone is watching them, they still screw up the most basic thing, which is printing the ballot correctly.”

More concerning were reports of ballots sent out with the wrong name or address, which would invalidate a citizen’s vote if submitted by mistake. The Gothamist quoted several New York citizens who complained of such errors.

​Psychiatrist Jeremy Klopman, who applied for a postal ballot for health reasons, said he only noticed the wrong name on his ballot when he was about to sign it on Monday.

Katie Bishop, a producer at the Gothamist’s sister radio station WNYC, found the return envelope enclosed with her…

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