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    Sentinels “Patched” at 17 Wing


    The Royal Canadian Force supports the mental and physical wellbeing of its personnel. The Canadian Armed Forces Sentinel Program, with more than 3,000 qualified individuals, plays an important role in the prevention, detection, and support for colleagues in distress. Once qualified, members need to take ongoing training each year to maintain their knowledge and discover newly available resources. Civilians may also volunteer, with the approval of their local chain of command and local Sentinel Chaplain.

    Taking pride in the personnel who have completed training, and to highlight the Sentinel program, we are happy to share the latest from 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Captain Kevin Pauley and Corporal Phillip Kargut were presented their brand Sentinel patches by 17 Wing Commander Colonel Eric Charron and Wing Chief Warrant Officer Claude Faucher at a small ceremony in the 17 Wing Headquarters atrium on June 24, 2020.

    The two members were representing the approximately 140 Sentinels trained at 17 Wing to date. According to Wing Chaplain and Command Sentinel Representative Major Kevin Olive, the patches should be rolling out to the trained RCAF Sentinels over the next two weeks.

    The Sentinel Program, established by the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service, is a peer support network made up of trained and supervised volunteers of all ranks. culture in the past may have made it difficult for members to come forward and ask for help. Sentinels, being peers,…

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