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    ‘When she was towed away, there was a sense it was not the end INS Viraat deserved’


    September 28, 2020 2:15:08 am

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    Commodore Srikant Kesnur, Director of Maritime Warfare Centre, .

    Last week, Mumbai bid adieu to Viraat, the oldest aircraft carrier in the world that was towed away to a ship-breaking yard in Alang, Gujarat. Commodore Srikant Kesnur.

    What are the lesser known things about INS Viraat and its history?

    First, a brief historical background. At the dawn of Independence, Navy's founding fathers were farsighted to propose a two fleet Navy, each built around an aircraft carrier. This vision partially bore fruit when we commissioned Vikrant in 1961. She had a distinguished journey, including a glorious role in the 1971 war.

    In the 1980s, the Navy decided to induct a aircraft carrier. At that time we had a massive infusion of hardware. Our whole Navy went through a renewal. And Viraat was the centrepiece to that expansion and development. She was an experienced war horse, was a Harrier carrier and we had inducted Sea harrier aircraft, so it was an ideal buy.

    She was conceived during World War II but commissioned at the height of the Cold War, served Britain for about 25 years and yet she was in good shape. So, we bought and commissioned her in May 1987.

    One lesser known aspect, to the layperson, about aircraft carrier…

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