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    What’s Inside US President Donald Trump’s Plan For Black Americans?


    US President Donald Trump, according to polls, currently trails behind Democratic rival Joe Biden, particularly with black voters, with many accusing the president of being “racist” – something that Trump has repeatedly denied.

    US President Donald Trump on Friday addressed Black voters, unveiling what he dubbed a “Platinum ” for the black community. He followed up his announcement by claiming that in several weeks he will win the US presidential election with a record number of black voters casting their vote for the Republican ticket.

    Trump, who often praises himself as someone who has done more for black Americans than any other president, apart from Abraham Lincoln, does not enjoy wide support in the black community. Polls show that Biden has a lead with black voters, despite Trump accusing him of damaging the economy for Black Americans and joined a wave of public condemnation after Biden remarked that if African Americans support Trump, they “ain't black”.

    The newly-introduced Platinum Plan contains various promises aimed to draw black voter support for Trump, including making Juneteenth, or 19 June, a national holiday; proclaiming lynching as national hate crime, and prosecuting KKK and antifa as terrorist organisations.

    Black Economy

    Trump's plan for bolstering black economic empowerment and access to capital begins with the line “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”, promising to “reach even greater levels of historic employment and wage growth for the black community set in…

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