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    Cracking Password Was Neither Possible Nor Necessary to Access Classified Docs, Assange Expert says


    The argument that Mr Assange conspired with Chelsea Manning in 2010 to hide her identity in order to secure classified US documents is not supported by the evidence a 20-year-long US investigator told the Old Bailey on Friday.

    The conspiracy to commit computer intrusion charge levied against Julian Assange by the US government is not based on a reliable set of presumptions, the Old Bailey heard on Friday.

    Mr Patrick Eller, who served 20 years in the US Army, was Command Digital Forensic Examiner at the US Army Criminal Investigation Command headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. He has reviewed the computer intrusion allegations against Mr Assange and supporting documents submitted by the US government as well as the transcripts of the trial of US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning and provided an expert report to the court on his findings.

    ​Mr Eller reviewed transcripts of electronic conversations in 2010 between Ms Manning and a person who is alleged to be Mr Assange. Based upon that conversation Eller concluded that it is impossible to determine what the purpose of the cracking of the password hash would be. The US government alleges that the purpose would have been to assist to anonymise Ms Manning so that she could obtain the classified documents that she ultimately leaked to WikiLeaks

    Eller's analysis made clear that in his opinion it would have been impossible to crack the hash at that time.


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