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    US Smuggles Three Dozen Oil Tankers Out of Syria by Dead of Night, Report Claims

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    Northeastern , home to the vast majority of the country's oil, is also where most US troops in the country are concentrated. Damascus has repeatedly accused US forces and their Kurdish allies of stealing the nation's oil, with intelligence confirming the shipment of tens of millions of dollars of black gold out of the country every month.

    A convoy of 35 tanker trucks from the Jazira region of northeastern Syria has made its way out of the country into northern Iraq, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported, citing local sources. The convoy reportedly left Hasakah province on Wednesday evening.

    In related news, residents of the village of Tal Sateeh took to the streets in the Qamishli countryside on Thursday, carrying national flags, portraits of Syria's president, and signs demanding that both Turkish and “Zionist US occupation” forces withdraw from the region immediately, and stop plundering their land, oil and wheat resources.

    Protests by local residents escalated a month ago after a Syrian soldier was killed at a checkpoint near Tal Al-Zahab village.

    The US has been strengthening its presence in Syria in recent weeks, despite promises by President Trump to withdraw from the war-torn country late last year. Last week, US officials and Syrian media reported the delivery of additional troops and vehicles into the country from neighbouring Iraq.

    Last year, Russian

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