By Responding With Force to 2nd Intifada Israel ‘Won the Battle But Lost the War’ – Ex-IDF Commander

israel has learned a lot from the second intifada, which erupted in September 2000, says a retired colonel, who back then served as deputy commander of the combat intelligence corps. The primary lesson was to prevent a repeat of such bloody events, something that the Jewish state has managed to master.

It was a decision that sparked mass protests against Israel, triggering a fire.

Twenty years ago, on 28 September, then head of Israel’s opposition Ariel Sharon paid a visit to the Temple Mount, a plateau in Jerusalem which is considered holy for Jews and Muslims alike.

The official reason for the visit was to inspect the construction work that has been done in the area, but Palestinians regarded it as an attack on their holiest of holies and didn’t want it to go unnoticed.

A day after the visit, the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced three days of mourning and the fire of the Second Intifada, or the Palestinian popular uprising, allegedly lit by Sharon, started spreading, just 13 years after the first intifada.

Protests in Jerusalem inspired more protests by Palestinians across the West Bank and even Arabs within israel. In the eight days following the visit, 13 Palestinians were killed amid violent clashes with Israeli security forces. Hundreds on both sides were wounded.

No Surprise

But the events didn’t catch Israel’s military by surprise. 

Miri Eisin, now a retired colonel, who back then served as deputy commander of combat intelligence corps, says the army has…

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