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    Sentinel Program: The 14 Wing Perspective


    The Royal Canadian supports the mental and physical wellbeing of its personnel. The Canadian Armed Forces Sentinel Program, with over 3,000 qualified individuals, plays an important role in the prevention, detection, and support for colleagues in distress. Once qualified, members need to take ongoing training each year to maintain their knowledge and discover resources newly available. Civilians may also volunteer with the approval of their local chain of command and local Sentinel Chaplain.

    Taking pride in the personnel who have completed training, and to highlight the Sentinel program, we are happy to share the latest from 14 Wing Greenwood.

    The Sentinel Program aims to develop a group of trained, supervised non-professionals whose purpose is to improve human contact through a set of behaviours and attitudes they use with their peers. The Sentinel relationship is not a professional one, but a peer relationship; the distinction is important.

    At 14 Wing Greenwood, the Sentinel program has been going on for quite some time and the Wing Chaplains have been proactive in promoting and recruiting, under the leadership of Padre (Capt) Kayla Colford.  Recently, 14 Air Maintenance Squadron (AMS) patched its first Sentinel, Corporal Goldsworthy, and on this occasion Padre Colford was kind enough to share some of the stories from our members here on the East Coast.

    From a Sentinel in one of the squadrons: 

    “Being a Sentinel has given me better knowledge to find…

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