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    Part of Bigger Strategy? China’s Military Build-up Along India’s Border Doubles in 3 Years – Report


    India expressed concern over the presence of Chinese troops in the Ladakh region during the meeting of foreign ministers in Moscow on the side-lines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on 10 September. New Delhi pointed out that there was no credible explanation for the deployment from the Chinese side.

    A report by Stratfor, a global geopolitical intelligence platform, has indicated that has doubled its build-up along the Indian border over the past three years. 

    The shift after the 2017 Doklam crisis appears to be part of a bigger strategy, similar to the one in the South China Sea, says the report, quoted by the Indian news channel NDTV on Tuesday.

    The report outlined China's military infrastructure build-up through an analysis of satellite images.

    “Once finished, this infrastructure will provide support for an even greater intensity of Chinese operations”, said the report, warning of its consequences for India, which was involved in a violent face-off with the People's Liberation of China in the Ladakh region in mid-June.

    The report suggested that the build-up is far from complete.

    “Chinese military activity that we are seeing along the border with India today is only the beginning of a longer-term intent”, NDTV quoted the report as saying.

    Simmering Tensions

    The report was released amid ongoing tensions between the armies of India and China, which had one of the worst face-offs in decades on the…

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