Are Color Revolutions and Mischief Afoot in Eastern Europe?

On this edition of The Critical Hour, host Garland Nixon talks to panelists Daniel Lazare and Mark Sleboda about politics in Eastern Europe.

“The development of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany should not be linked to the case of Alexey Navalny, the Kremlin said on Wednesday,” Al Jazeera reported. Also on Wednesday, Reuters reported, “Belarus investigators have officially charged Maria Kolesnikova, a protest leader, with incitement to undermine national security.”  Are color revolutions and mischief afoot in Eastern Europe?

Despite pressure from the anti-war left, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is making it clear that if he wins, he will keep troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, Cuba and China have responded very differently to the COVID-19 pandemic than the US. Will Biden’s strategy put him in the White House, and why has the US response to the coronavirus been markedly different from those of many of its perceived adversaries?

Russia is showing its willingness to consolidate its role as a superpower and challenge US hegemony in Syria as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo struggles to push continued sanctions against Iran. What does this mean for peace and stability in the Middle East?  

“Nearly 40 countries across five continents have received Cuban medics during the pandemic, as the island nation – home to just over 11 million inhabitants – has punched far above its weight in medical diplomacy,” Reuters reported Monday….

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