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    The Soviet Spy Who Posed as Elegant British Housewife to ‘Evade Nazis, MI5, MI6, and the FBI’


    The newly-published book offers an exhilarating true-life espionage story based on the remarkable life of a woman who successfully “evaded the Chinese, the Japanese, the Nazis, MI5, MI6, and the FBI” and survived to write her memoirs and even promote them.

    An elegant British housewife and mother- of- three, Mrs Len Burton, who lived in Oxfordshire hamlet Great Rollright, was apparently renowned for her perfect scones and a faint intriguing accent that added to her charm.

    Nothing else hinted at the remarkable secret the woman who seemed to epitomize rural domesticity concealed so successfully for years. Mrs Burton was really Colonel Ursula Kuczynski of the Red Army — aka Agent Sonya, writes best-selling biographer Ben Macintyre in a book, entitled “Agent Sonya : Lover, Mother, Soldier, Spy”, cited by the Daily Mail.

    ​Published on 17 September, the book has been touted as based on unparalleled access to the former spy's diaries and correspondence, and never-before-seen information on her clandestine activities.

    ​Having moved to the village when she was in her late 30s, with her three children and husband Len just after the end of World War II, she swiftly adapted to village life.

    None of the locals ever suspected the tremendous secret the woman was hiding so masterfully.

    German-born “Sonya” was a dedicated communist, decorated Soviet intelligence officer and highly trained spy who had conducted espionage operations in , and

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