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    London Mayor Says He Hasn’t Spoken to PM in Months as UK Faces ‘Biggest Crisis’ Since WW2


    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for his initial response to -19 as reports emerged in spring that he failed to attend five emergency meetings in January and February of the Civil Contingencies Committee, also known as Cobra, which deals with major crises

    mayor Sadiq Khan revealed in a Q&A on LBC Radio on Friday that he has not spoken to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson since 10 May, which is also the last time the national emergencies committee Cobra met, despite the country facing “the biggest health, economic and social crisis since the Second World War.”

    The politician, who previously served as an MP for Tooting, suggested this could indicate that the UK government “doesn't like having their polices, their ideas challenged”, which he says often happens during Cobra meetings which deal with such crises as terrorist acts or natural catastrophes.

    He also referred to a regular Cobra session as “a grown-up conversation, [where] people are tested and challenged,” as the party politics is usually left behind the door. “And the only thing we can conclude from this is that the Government does not like being challenged,” he added.

    Khan noted that the UK government is maintaining close “bilateral” contacts with First Minister of , Nicola Sturgeon, and 's First Minister Mark Drakeford, but confirmed that his communication with Britain's PM remained limited.

    “And you have not had any personal contact with…

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