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    Russia ‘Gravely Concerned’ by NBC Report About Possible US Aid for Terrorist Activities in Crimea


    On Monday, News reported, citing an anonymous intelligence source, that the CIA assumed the information about alleged ‘Russian bounties' for US troops' heads in was a tit-for-tat response to the US arming of Ukrainian units “fighting Russian forces in Crimea.”

    The Russian Embassy in has asked the US government to clarify NBC News' reporting on the US's alleged support for Ukrainian forces trying to carry out terrorist attacks in Crimea.

    “The statements provided in the NBC News report about the US involvement in “Ukrainian units fighting Russian forces in Crimea” were noticed with grave concern,” the Embassy said on its official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    “In other words, unnamed US officials speak about their country's support of terrorist activities in third countries. In this case, they talk specifically about Russia,” the Embassy added.

    The Embassy accompanied the posts with images of US advisors taking part in training with Ukrainian far right ‘volunteer battalions', as well as pictures provided by Russian investigators in recent years of attempts to smuggle explosives, grenades and other weapons into Crimea for the express purpose of staging terrorist attacks on the peninsula.

    In its piece Monday, devoted to whether or not US officials still believe that Russian military intelligence offered payments to Taliban fighters in…

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