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    Afghan mothers' names to be included on children's ID cards

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    Afghan mothers will have their names printed on their children's national identity cards, after a campaign to challenge taboos around women's names.

    President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday signed into law an amendment long sought by women's rights campaigners.

    Until now, Afghan law dictated that only the father's name should be recorded on ID cards.

    Using a woman's name in public in is traditionally frowned upon and can be considered an insult.

    Some women have suffered beatings for perceived indiscretions such as using their names to obtain prescriptions.

    But a campaign launched three years ago under the hashtag #WhereIsMyName garnered high-profile support from celebrities and members of parliament.

    It called for mothers' names to be included alongside fathers' names on national identity cards, and benefited from nearly two decades of progress on women's rights in Afghanistan since the toppling of the Taliban in 2001.

    A social media campaign saw activists introduce themselves using their names and their mothers' names.

    Laleh Osmany, founder of the #WhereIsMyName campaign, told the Afghan service that she was “overjoyed” at the result.

    “There is no doubt that this victory is the result of persistent campaign and consonance among the campaigners and citizens,” she said.

    “The government also stood by the citizens, and I express my gratitude to the president himself and his deputies for their support. I also thank everyone, men and…

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