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    Chinese Navy Escorts Indian Oil Tanker in Dangerous Waters Amid Strained Ties


    The Chinese navy on Saturday successfully escorted an Indian oil tanker carrying 31 Indian crew members to a designated sea area in the Gulf of Aden and received a thank-you note from the tanker's captain, the Global Times learned on Monday. The escort came amid the recently strained diplomatic ties between China and on the border dispute. 

    The 35th fleet of the Chinese People's Liberation () Navy successfully escorted three foreign merchant ships, including Indian Crude Oil Tanker “MT Desh Gaurav,” Panamanian Chemical Tanker “Rabigh Sunshine” and Marshall Islands Bulk Carrier “Pan Clover,” to their destinations on Saturday after a two-day journey.

    The Desh Gaurav left Ras Gharib port in , sailed eastward through the Gulf of Aden and returned to Vadinar in India. The ship had a safety capsule but no security personnel on board, forcing them to apply for an escort from the Chinese navy. 

    The Gulf of Aden is known as the most dangerous waters in the world for pirate attacks.

    Yang Aibin, chief of staff of the escort taskforce, said that the Chinese navy sent guided-missile destroyer Taiyuan to escort foreign ships along the way, and the other two Chinese vessels Jingzhou and Chaohu were waiting in a certain sea area to provide regional escort for passing ships.

    The captain said that although he has never been to China, the Chinese naval escort taskforce has been providing “safe and efficient” escort operations year after year, which are admirable and…

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