Action Heroes Gone Awry: UN Probing Failed Mercenary Group Who Offered Hit Jobs for Libya’s Haftar


The United Nations is looking into a mercenary outfit that reportedly offered hit job services to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar last year, but was run out of the country after their plan fell apart.

A Monday report on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s ”Four Corners” investigative journalism program unveiled that a former Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilot named Christiaan Durrant is believed to be the ringleader of a mercenary outfit that made a botched pitch to carry out hit jobs for Libya’s Haftar and was forced to flee the war-torn country. According to the UN’s investigation, infamous mercenary boss Erik Prince is also being investigated in connection to the outfit.

The group called itself Opus Capital Asset Limited FZE and offered Haftar kidnapping and hit job services to take out his rivals. According to “Four Corners,” the PowerPoint Presentation used to sell the offer to Haftar said Opus “can be effective within seven days … with export of controlled items including helicopters, air ammunition, ground weapons, ground ammunition, and night vision.”

Haftar reportedly accepted, offering the group $80 million.

When the Jordanians backed out, Durrant was forced to buy the helicopters from South Africa. According to the Independent, Durrant called on Emirati contacts from his home in Dubai to get the choppers and ship them across Africa, meaning that when his crew arrived in…

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