Samuel L Jackson Says Donald Trump is ‘Dangerous’ for US, Wonders Who Would Vote For Him


The iconic US actor is a harsh critic of the 45th president, whom he has referred to as a “motherf***er” who is “ruining the planet”. The 70-year-old star also noted that people who do not speak against Donald Trump are “complicit”.

Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson has again hit out at US President Donald Trump, describing him as “dangerous” for the United States and the world. The actor made the statement during a late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, as a virtual guest host. During his appearance, Jackson reiterated recent allegations made against the president which Trump has denied. Among other things Jackson noted, were that Trump intentionally downplayed the risk of coronavirus and called US soldiers killed in action “losers” and “suckers”. The actor also suggested that Trump encourages supporters to commit felonies, as at a North Carolina rally the president urged people to vote twice in the election.

Jackson showed a spoof advertisement for the Trump campaign, which noted that voting for the 74-year-old Republican may cause side effects, such as “racism, sexism, nepotism, corruption, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, destruction of the economy, the Constitution, the ecosystem”.

The narrator in the video also alleged that anyone voting for Trump is “insane”, and then proceeded to insult the president by stating:

Some social media users disagreed with Jackson and with the parody of Trump and his campaign efforts.

Several netizens…

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