‘Now I Can Be Really Vicious’: Trump Steps Up Criticism of Biden, Democrats, Media at Nevada Rally

Despite opposition from local authorities led by Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak, Trump has held a rally in a key battleground state where he lost by a small margin in 2016 and where he is now trailing by 4%, according to recent polls.

Speaking to his supporters at a rally in Minden, Nevada, Trump, as usual, didn’t mince his words when it came to criticising his political opponents – specifically Joe Bidden and the Democratic Party. However, this time he was even more relentless due to being infuriated, to put it mildly, by a derogatory ad that Biden’s campaign rolled out just a day prior to the event.

‘I Don’t Have to be Nice Anymore’ to Biden

Biden’s advertisement, playing on the notion of an anonymous report claiming that Trump had called US soldiers who died in the First World War “losers”, was one of the topics that POTUS returned to several times throughout his speech in Nevada. He slammed the ad as the “most vicious TV commercial [he has] ever seen” in a tweet posted ahead of the rally and returned to the issue during his speech, saying that after such a low blow from Biden, he no longer feels constrained in his words about his opponent and the rest of the Democratic Party.

POTUS went on to berate the report itself, slamming it as fake and baseless, while condemning The Atlantic, which published the story based on the account of an anonymous source, as a “third-rate magazine”. Trump went on to state that nobody “loves [the US] military, respects it” more…

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