‘What’s Good About Canada?’ Trump Aide Navarro Blasts Ottawa Policies Toward US in Book Interview


It is not the first time White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, as well as others in the administration of US President Donald Trump, have criticized the nation’s northern neighbor Canada on trade, as the presidential aide claimed in June 2018 that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was running “bad-faith diplomacy” with the US.

US President Donald Trump’s appointed trade adviser, Peter Navarro, slammed Canada’s current policies toward the United States, including what he characterized as “unfair” trade policies and Ottawa’s role in US-led multilateral NATO anti-terrorist operations in Afghanistan, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), reporting on Wednesday, citing interviews Navarro gave to CNN’s Jim Sciutto for a recently-published book.

Sciutto’s new book, ‘The Madman Theory: Trump Takes On the World’, reviews Trump’s foreign policies. The book title refers to a political theory commonly associated with the foreign policy of former US President Richard Nixon, when the 37th US president, during the Cold War era, sought to make the leaders of rival Communist Bloc countries think he was irrational and volatile.

Navarro criticized Canada’s role in the US-led NATO coalition in Afghanistan, rejecting the idea that Ottawa was doing Washington “a favor” in its decade-long military presence in the war-torn country.

The Trump-appointed advisor took a swipe at Canadian cross-border policies…

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