Israel warns of Gaza escalation over balloon and rocket attacks

Israeli leaders have warned Hamas that it risks a major escalation in the Gaza Strip by failing to stop cross-border rocket and incendiary balloon attacks.

Defence Minister Benny Gantz said the Palestinian group, which controls Gaza, would “suffer a very severe blow”.

However, a Hamas spokesman vowed it would “not hesitate to enter battle if Israel’s attacks and siege continue”.

Overnight, militants fired 12 rockets towards israel and Israeli warplanes conducted three rounds of air strikes.

Since last week, a number of rockets have been launched from Gaza along with hundreds of balloons with explosives and incendiary devices attached that have caused dozens of fires in southern israel.

Israel has responded by bombing what it says are Hamas military targets in Gaza.

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Israel has responded to the attacks by bombing what it says are militant targets

Israel has also banned fishing boats from going out to sea and is only allowing humanitarian goods through Gaza’s one commercial crossing.

With no fuel deliveries, the sole power plant in Gaza has shut.

That has left the territory’s population of 1.9 million with about four hours of electricity…

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