Somali hotel raid: 'How I survived my fourth siege'

Former BBC reporter Mohamed Moalimu survived Sunday’s siege on a beachfront hotel in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu – the fourth time he has been caught up in an attack by Islamist al-Shabab militants over the last seven years.

Moalimu, who now heads the Federation of Somali Journalists, told the BBC’s Basillioh Mutahi about his ordeal and how his friend was amongst the 20 people to lose their lives at the Elite hotel during the raid:

I was trembling. My heart was beating like a drum and my body was shaking. A huge dark smoke had gone up and it was even difficult to see the entire area.

People were screaming. I could see the impact of the blast. Some people had been hit by the shattered glasses, and some were bleeding, others were shouting for help.

My friend, Abdirizak Abdi, wanted to run away immediately. I wanted to stop him because heavy shooting was going on but he ran away from me, towards the entrance.

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