The couple blamed for an Islamic State attack on their wedding

It should’ve been the happiest day of their lives. Instead, it was the worst.

Mirwais and Rehana’s wedding in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul last year was targeted by an IS suicide bomber, killing more than 90 of their guests. The couple lost close family members and friends, and the attack took a heavy toll on their mental health.

This week marks the anniversary of the attack. For the first time, Rehana, 18, has decided to speak publicly about what happened that day.

“Every night I have nightmares,” she told the BBC. “I cry and I can’t sleep.”

Crowds of people make her anxious, as does travelling by car. “Whenever I hear gunshots or explosions it takes me back to that day, and I think something will happen to me again,” she said.

The relatives of some of those who died that day have raised the idea of holding a protest outside the wedding hall where the attack took place, to commemorate the anniversary and call for the attackers to be held to justice. But Mirwais won’t attend, he said. His hands begin to shake at just the thought of the blast.

“Before the wedding we were so happy,” he said. “All of a sudden it was as if we had fallen from the sky to the ground. We lost all our happiness.”

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