Meghan Markle Was Kidnapped in “Terrorist Attack” as Part of Security Training, New Book Claims


The newly unveiled royal biography enjoyed no contribution from the Sussexes, but is based on royal reporters’ own experiences, as per the pair’s spokesman.

A new tell-all book about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, “Finding Freedom”, which was published on Tuesday morning, claims Meghan underwent special security and princess training, as well as outlines a number of landmark occasions during Harry’s courtship, the onset of their romance, and short stint as a senior royal couple.

In particular, the obligatory two-day security course with the SAS included the Duchess being “bundled into the back of a car” by a “terrorist” and driven to a location before she was saved by officers, the book “Finding Freedom” has it, with excerpts from it cited by The Telegraph.

Other aspects of Meghan’s baptism by fire included a number of instructions and training in royal ethics and etiquette. For instance, she was reportedly given advice about the jewellery she was wearing after she bought a $300 (£230) 14-carat gold chain with the initials M and H.

Shortly after she was spotted by paparazzi wearing the necklace, a Kensington Palace aide gave her a call advising her that “wearing such a necklace only served to encourage the photographers to keep pursuing such images – and new headlines”, the book claims.

As part of her training for a royal life, newbie Meghan was also taught to how elegantly leave a chauffeured car…

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