Osmanbad man’s intrepid journey towards Pakistan for love

Written by Sagar Rajput
| Mumbai |

Updated: August 1, 2020 1:31:42 pm

Siddiqui was apprehended by the Border Security Force (BSF) on July 16. (Express Photo/Representational)

The only thing that 20-year-old Zeeshan Siddiqui has to show for his intrepid journey from Osmanabad to the borders of Pakistan is a broken tooth and a bruised ego.

Siddiqui had undertaken a 1,200-km trip during the lockdown, first on a bicycle and then on a bike, from Osmanabad in Maharashtra to Kutch in Gujarat in an attempt to cross over to Pakistan to meet his alleged Pakistani girlfriend before he was apprehended by the Border Security Force (BSF) on July 16.

After a debriefing from both the Gujarat Police and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), Siddiqui returned to Osmanabad earlier this week and vowed never again to reach out to the 20-year-old Pakistani woman, whom he had allegedly connected with on social media because of their love for an Indian TV serial.

“I was in love with her and couldn’t think of anything else apart from seeing her,” Siddiqui said on why with just Rs 8,000 in his pocket and a bicycle, he abruptly decided to leave for Karachi.

He got in touch with the woman on Facebook in 2015. “I had cleared Class X and was new to Facebook then. While discussing a daily soap in a group,…

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