Dems Block AOC Move to Ban US Military From Recruiting on Gaming Platforms

Social media platforms and streaming services, such as Twitch, have increasingly been used by the US Armed Forces in recent years in a bid to present a “range of opportunities” available in the military and “make connections” with potential recruits. But the military’s efforts have come under increasingly heavy fire from liberal lawmakers.

A proposal to ban the US military from using gaming platforms for recruitment purposes, which was promoted by the Democratic Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez failed on Thursday, with 103 House Democrats joining Republicans to vote done the plan, which was eventually rejected 292-126.

Democratic Rep. Max Rose, an Afghanistan War veteran, later told the New York Post that he found the proposal “insulting”, as it “perpetuates the limousine liberal trope that soldiers are idiots who only get duped into enlisting”.

“That very disparagement follows veterans when they come home and struggle to find employment”, he added. “This amendment treats the military as some insidious organization, not a career choice that taught me — and millions of others — invaluable skills and an appreciation for the values and freedoms of our country”.

He was echoed by another Democratic Rep. Pete Visclosky, who said that Americans should actually be encouraged to serve in the military.

Ocasio-Cortez proposed the ban this week, telling The New York Times that “whether…

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