US Navy Slams Iranian Military Drills in Strategic Strait of Hormuz as ‘Irresponsible and Reckless’

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At the same time, Washington has repeatedly ignored Tehran’s calls for the US to stop sending its carriers to the Gulf and its warnings that such actions only contribute to the escalation of tensions in the region, not to security.

The US Navy has criticised Iran’s military drills that are taking place along the waterways in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, adding that it is monitoring them closely. The American military further called the war games an Iranian attempt “to intimidate and coerce”, without clarifying whom or for what purpose.

The US Fifth Fleet official also noted that despite the war games being carried out near the key regional waterways, including the Strait of Hormuz, which is responsible for a major part of global oil shipments, the operations of commercial vessels have not been disrupted. She added that the international maritime coalition’s operations were not affected either.

Despite criticising Iranian drills, the US has rarely paid attention to Tehran’s warnings that American maritime operations in the Gulf threaten the region’s stability. While the US justifies its military presence in the Gulf by claiming that it is maintaining maritime trade security, Iran has argued that regional countries can handle such tasks themselves and do so better than the American-led coalition.

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The ongoing large-scale Iranian drills,…

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