Iran Warns Any Further ‘Adventurist Move by American Terrorists’ May ‘Speed Up’ Israel’s Demise

Middle East

Already strained relations between Tehran and Washington suffered another setback on Thursday after a Mahan Air passenger jet with over 150 people onboard was forced to take evasive maneuvers over Syrian airspace after being intercepted by two US F-15 fighter jets.

Any further US “crimes” like Thursday’s harassment of an Iranian passenger jetliner will only expedite the demise of “arrogant” US allies like Israel, Iranian speaker of parliament Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has warned via Twitter.

Indicating that he had been briefed on “the details of the adventurist American terrorists’” actions, Qalibaf alleged that US officials were “lying” when they said that the they performed a routine, “standard visual inspection” of the Iranian jet.

According to Qalibaf, he was told that the Mahan Air pilot received two traffic collision avoidance system warnings due to the proximity of two warplanes above and below the airliner.

Judiciary Promises Day in Court

On Saturday, Iranian judiciary human rights office chief Ali Bagheri-Kani announced that “all Iranian and non-Iranian passengers” aboard the Mahan Air Airbus A310 involved in Thursday’s incident would be able to file a lawsuit against US Army “commanders, perpetrators, supervisors and deputies” in Iranian courts “for moral and physical damages.”

Bagheri-Kani also noted that there was a second route available – through the…

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