Romanian Fighter Jets Scrambled to Escort Russian Bombers Flying Over Black Sea

The strategic body of water and its surrounding area have seen a flurry of military activity in recent days, with NATO and partner nations kicking off Sea Breeze drills in the northwestern Black Sea on Monday, and Russia’s southern and western military districts conducting large-scale drills as part of a surprise combat readiness check near Crimea.

Romanian MiG-21 fighter jets have been scrambled to escort a pair of Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers during a scheduled flight over the Black Sea, Russia’s Ministry of Defence announced on Thursday.

The military added that “all flights of Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft are carried out in strict accordance with international rules on the use of airspace,” and that long-range flights regularly take place over neutral waters stretching from the Black and Baltic Seas to the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Earlier, the MoD indicated that its forces in the Black Sea were monitoring the NATO and partner ships and aircraft taking part in the ongoing Sea Breeze 2020 exercises, which kicked off on July 20. About 2,000 personnel, 27 warships and 19 aircraft from nine countries, including the US, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, France, Spain and Turkey, as well as NATO partners Ukraine and Georgia, are involved in the drills. The exercises are expected to wrap up next week.

In a related development, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet recently carried out massive military drills involving over 149,000 personnel during a surprise combat readiness…

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