Russian historian jailed in controversial sex abuse case

A Russian historian who has spent much of his life unearthing Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s crimes has been jailed in a controversial sexual abuse case.

Yury Dmitirev was sentenced to three and a half years for abusing his adopted daughter.

He denies the accusations and his colleagues say he was framed in a plot to discredit his work.

The government of President Vladimir government has sought to downplay the extent of Stalin-era violence.

Dmitirev, who has uncovered execution sites from the Great Terror in the 1930s, is expected to be freed later this year due to time already served.

His supporters received the verdict with relief and applause as he was given a much shorter prison term than the 15 years requested by the prosecution, BBC Russian’s Oleg Boldyrev reports from Petrozavodsk.

What is the background to the case?

Dmitirev was accused by the prosecution of engaging in “child pornography” and sexually abusing his adopted daughter.

He was first detained in 2016. Charges were later added of nonviolent sexual abuse of a minor, which were based on photographs of his naked adopted daughter found on his computer.

Dmitirev said the photos were taken to document the child’s growth as she had been emaciated when he adopted her with his wife.

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